96acc5c1 Check and replacement of a driving belt


Driving belts are located on the right side of the engine.

Depending on a complete set of the car and the engine installed in it, several driving belts are used. One belt is used for torque transmission from a bent shaft to the generator and the compressor of the conditioner. If the car is equipped by the amplifier of steering, for the drive of the pump of the amplifier of steering to an ispolz the separate belt etsyatsya.

1. Open the cover closing belts and check a condition of belts for existence of cracks, stratifications and oiling. If necessary replace a belt.
2. For check of a tension of a driving belt use the special Nippondenso or Burroughs tools. A tension for the new and being in the use belt differ. Being in the use is considered the belt which worked on the engine more than 5 minutes.
3. In the absence of special tools the tension of a driving belt needs to be adjusted so that when pressing by a hand thumb on a long branch of a belt the deflection made about 5 mm if the distance between the central pulleys makes about 250 mm, or 10 mm if the distance between the central pulleys makes about 350 mm (1 – a ruler, 2 – a ruler, 3 – a belt deflection).