96acc5c1 Check of tightness of hoses and effluence of liquids

Defects of hoses of the cooling system

Leak in the cooling system usually is found on white or colors of a rust to a raid in the area adjoining leak.


1. Carefully check a radiator and hoses of cooling liquid on all length. Replace hoses with cracks, gaps and signs of aging. It is easier to find cracks if to press a hose. Pay special attention to collars which attach hoses to cooling system elements. Collars of fastening of a hose which were strongly tightened can cause a gap or a hose puncture, leaks in the cooling system will be result of what.

2. Examine all components of the cooling system (hoses, the surfaces of sockets, etc.) regarding leaks. If to an obnaruzha ны any problems of similar character with system components, then replace this component or laying.