96acc5c1 Disk brakes

In disk brakes two brake shoes are applied: external and internal. Blocks are visible through viewing openings in supports


1. Check thickness of brake shoes and, if necessary, replace them.

2. If it is visually difficult to determine thickness of brake shoes, remove a support and take brake shoes for further survey. Measure thickness of brake shoes, at the same time, if thickness of a frictional layer is less admissible, replace a brake shoe.
3. Measure thickness of brake disks by means of a micrometer. If thickness of a brake disk is less than admissible, replace a brake disk. Replacement of a brake disk is made also in the presence of cracks, zones of an overheat and other damages.
4. Before installation of wheels check a condition of brake hoses and freedom of movement of brake hoses. At the same time there has to be no contact with any sharp sides.