96acc5c1 Drum brakes


During the work of brake shoes brake dust which contains asbestos, unhealthy therefore when cleaning brake shoes do not use compressed air is formed and do not inhale dust.

1. For check of thickness of a brake shoe without removal of the brake drum remove a stopper from a brake board and, using a small lamp, check a condition of brake shoes. 2. For fuller survey of brake shoes remove back brake drums. 3. Examine a condition of a frictional layer of a brake shoe. If the surface is greasy, replace a brake shoe.
4. Examine the working brake cylinder and a condition of protective covers. In the presence of leak of brake fluid replace the brake cylinder.
5. Examine a condition of the returnable and holding springs.
6. Examine a condition of the brake drum.
7. Install brake drums.
8. Establish wheels and lower the car.