96acc5c1 Check of the vacuum amplifier of brakes


1. Press a pedal of a brake of 5-6 times at the idle engine to create the identical pressure close to atmospheric in cavities of the vacuum amplifier. At the same time determine by the effort enclosed to a pedal whether there is no jamming of the case of the valve.

2. Having stopped a brake pedal in the middle of its course, start the engine. At serviceable vacuum you will strengthen le the brake pedal after start of the engine has to leave forward. If the pedal does not leave forward, check fastening of a tip of a hose, a state and fastening of a flange of a tip in the amplifier, a condition of a hose and unions.

3. Check a condition of the unidirectional valve for wear and damage and, if necessary, replace. The valve can be checked, blowing it air in both directions. It has to pass air from the vacuum amplifier of brakes to a vacuum hose.