96acc5c1 The car costs on the earth

The free wheeling of a steering wheel is a corner on which it is necessary to turn a steering wheel before turn of forward wheels of the car.


1. Establish forward wheels for the movement directly forward. Check a free wheeling of a steering wheel. If the free wheeling exceeds admissible limits, bearings of wheels, hinges of a steering shaft, spherical support and the steering mechanism can be worn-out.

2. Excessive lists of the car, the increased vibration of a body on the uneven road, rocking on turns demonstrates damages to steering and a suspension bracket.

3. For control of shock-absorbers shake the car pressing each of four corners of the car. If the body did not return to initial situation for one or two courses, bypass мо to replace the shock-absorber.
4. Check the provision of a body concerning the earth. If there is a list on the party either forward or back, most likely, springs sank or suspension bracket details are worn-out.