96acc5c1 Check of a protective cover of a power shaft

1. Lift and carefully fix the car on supports.
2. Turn a steering wheel to the right or to the left against the stop and twist a forward wheel.

3. Examine rubber protective covers of hinges of equal angular speeds, squeezing them for disclosure of bends.
4. Check protective covers for existence of cracks which can lead to lubricant leak, and also to penetration in water and dirt. Also check a condition of fixing collars.

5. Examine covers of internal hinges of equal angular speeds and casings on the other hand. If any damage is found, then the cover needs to be replaced immediately.
6. At the same time check the general condition of hinges of equal angular speeds, holding a shaft and at the same time trying to turn a wheel.
7. Repeat attempt, holding the internal hinge and turning a shaft. Any noticeable side play indicates wear of the hinge of equal angular speeds, wear in grooves of a shaft or unscrewing of a lock nut of a shaft.