96acc5c1 Washing of the cooling system

Cooling liquid needs to be changed periodically, and to wash out the cooling system as in channels of system the rust and dirt is formed.

1. For washing of a radiator merge cooling liquid from the cooling system...
2.... then disconnect hoses from the basis and the top tank of a radiator.
3. Insert a garden hose into the top branch pipe of a radiator and pass water through a radiator until water comes out pure of a branch pipe in the radiator basis. If it is not possible to wash out a radiator clear water, then use detergent.
4. For washing of the engine insert a garden hose into a water exit from the thermostat and pass water via the engine until water comes out pure of the lower hose.
5. Wash out a heater radiator, previously having opened the crane of a heater and having disconnected hoses from a heater. Connect a hose to one of hoses and wash out a pure stream until water does not follow from the second hose of pure.