96acc5c1 Filling of the cooling system

Before filling of the cooling system make sure that all hoses and collars in good shape. Pay attention that mix of antifreeze has to be used all the year round for prevention of corrosion. Also check that a stopper on a radiator and drain traffic jams of the block of cylinders were established into place.


1. Install the handle of adjustment of a heater in the provision of the maximum temperature.

2. Slowly fill in cooling liquid in a radiator.

3. Without closing a radiator stopper, start the engine and warm up it up to the working temperature at which the thermostat will open and cooling liquid will begin to proceed through a radiator, at the same time the top hose of a radiator will become hot.
4. Switch off and cool the engine, check the level of cooling liquid and, if necessary, bring it to norm.
5. Squeezing the top hose of a radiator, remove air from the engine cooling system then add cooling liquid to the required level. Establish a radiator stopper into place.
6. Start the engine and warm up it up to the normal working temperature and check tightness of the cooling system of the engine.