96acc5c1 Replacement of oil in the automatic transmission and the main transfer

Over time there is a transmission oil aging. At the same time its greasing properties inevitably worsen. Therefore it is necessary, as a rule, with defined Lamy's interva to carry out oil replacement.

When replacing oil the car has to stand in a number horizontal situation, as well as when checking level of oil. Besides, the transmission has to be heated-up that oil was rather liquid and foreign particles were still mixed with oil, that is that they left with oil. Therefore before replacement of oil it is necessary to pass kilomt a ditch for warming up of the transmission a little. Sometimes oil автоматичес which transmissions becomes very hot so observe extra care if right after driving put the car in repair.

1. Install the car over a viewing hole. Beware of a hot exhaust pipe when you work under the car.

2. Install the corresponding container under a drain stopper of the automatic transmission and unscrew a drain stopper.

3. After discharge of oil from the automatic transmission establish a masloslivny stopper into place.