96acc5c1 Check and replacement of high-voltage wires and details of the distributor

Main defect of a rotor of the distributor

1. Check a condition of high-voltage wires which have to be pure and dry, and also should not have traces of electric breakdown and oxidation.
2. Check internal state of a candle tip which should not have signs of corrosion which represents solid white powder.

3. Unscrew two bolts and uncover the distributor. Carefully wipe a cover and check corrosion of electrodes.
4. Also check coal contact in the center of a cover of the distributor.
5. Remove a rotor of the distributor and investigate it on existence of cracks and carbonaceous paths.
6. Establish high-voltage wires on a cover of the distributor and check resistance between a tip of a high-voltage wire and a side electrode on a distributor cover. If resistance exceeds admissible limits, it is necessary to replace a cover of the distributor and/or a high-voltage wire.