96acc5c1 Assembly

Measurement of length of a power shaft

1. Establish new covers of hinges of equal angular speeds on a power shaft.
2. Apply a thin film of sealant on the interfaced hinge casing surface.
3. Install a casing on the internal hinge. At the same time combine openings under fastening bolts in a casing and the internal hinge. Temporarily establish bolts in openings.
4. Using the plastic hammer and striking blows in the sequence shown in the drawing, get a casing on the internal hinge.
5. Install the internal hinge on a power shaft according to earlier made tags.
6. Fix it by a lock ring.
7. Fill the hinge with lubricant.
8. Screw a driving flange or an intermediate shaft on the internal hinge.
9. Install a protective cover on the hinge of equal angular speeds.
10. Establish the required length of a power shaft, then, using the screw-driver, remove air from under a protective cover and fix protective covers by collars (see rice. Measurement of length of a power shaft).