11.7. Removal of air from hydraulic system of coupling

The union of pumping is located sideways the working cylinder of coupling.

1. Unscrew a cover of a nutritious tank and check that the level of brake fluid in a tank was at the level of max tag. During removal of air you monitor availability of liquid in a tank, without allowing an exposure of its bottom as at the same time air will get to system again.
2. Remove a dustproof cap from the union of pumping and put on it a pure transparent hose which other end needs to be lowered in the capacity which is partially filled with brake fluid.
3. Sharply press a coupling pedal several times from intervals 2 – 3 sec. Unscrew on a turn floor the pumping union at the pressed pedal. Continuing to press a pedal, force out the liquid which is in system together with air through a hose in capacity. After the pedal will reach extreme forward situation and replacement of liquid through a hose will stop, screw the pumping union to the full.
4. Repeat these operations, the air outlet from a hose will not stop yet.
5. Holding a pedal in the pressed situation, screw up the union against the stop and remove a hose.
6. Wipe the union of pumping and establish a protective cap.