12.1. Technical characteristic

Disk brakes

Thickness of a forward disk:
– nominal
28 mm
– minimum
26 mm
Thickness of a back disk:
– nominal
10 mm
– minimum
9 mm
Beating of a brake disk
0,05 mm
Minimum thickness of a block of the emergency brake
0,8 mm

Drum brakes

Thickness of a brake slip
1,6 mm
Internal diameter of a drum:
– nominal
228,6 mm
– maximum
230 mm

Tightening moments

Bolts of fastening of a support:

– forward support

30 Nanometer
– back support
20 Nanometer

Brake tubes

26 Nanometer
Bolts of fastening of the working brake cylinder
10 Nanometer
The main brake cylinder to the vacuum amplifier
12 Nanometer
The vacuum amplifier of brakes to a partition
12 Nanometer