12:10. Brake pipelines and hoses

Unscrewing of brake tubes
When unscrewing brake tubes it is necessary to use a cap wrench.

Unscrewing of a brake hose from a brake tube
When unscrewing a brake hose from a brake tube they need previously to be taken from a fastening bracket.

Brake tubes and hoses are applied to transfer of brake fluid from the main brake cylinder to working brake cylinders. Connection of tubes with brake cylinders and distributing devices is made by conical couplings. The ends of tubes are pressed out and have the cone-shaped form for the corresponding size of conical carving openings in brake cylinders or distributing devices.


1. Before sinking of the ends of tubes the lock nut which after a vvinchivaniye of a cone-shaped surface in the conical bases of a carving opening presses and pressurizes a tube is put on them.

2. Brake hoses carry out mobile communications between mobile and motionless parts of the car. For reduction of losses of brake fluid at removal of working brake cylinders clips for a perezhatiya of brake hoses are used.