12.5.2. Repair of a support

1. Using the small screw-driver, remove a dustproof cover from the support piston.
2. Take the piston from a support for what it is possible использо to vat the air under low pressure given to the brake cylinder through an opening for connection of a brake hose. At the same time instead of brake shoes establish wooden whetstone.
3. Take a sealing ring from a flute in a support opening.
4. Wash out all details in methyl alcohol or pure brake fluid and wipe them.
5. Dip the piston and a new sealing ring of the piston into brake fluid and apply a thin film of brake fluid on an opening for the piston in a support. Establish condense a telny ring in a support opening.
6. Install a dustproof cover on the piston so that the internal diameter of a cover was included into a piston flute. Insert the piston into a support and at the same time insert an external edge of a dustproof cover into a support before its fixing.
7. Grease with high-temperature lubricant and install the directing fingers in the support case.