12.9.3. Installation

1. Install the main brake cylinder on racks of the vacuum amplifier of brakes and fix by nuts, having tightened them at this stage by hand.
2. Unscrew carving traffic jams from the main brake cylinder and on their place screw in brake pipelines.
3. Finally tighten nuts of fastening of the main brake cylinder.

4. Remove the air from the main brake cylinder which got there at installation of brake tubes. Sharply press a brake pedal, unscrew on a turn floor a nut of fastening of a brake tube to the main brake cylinder at the pressed pedal. Continuing to press a pedal, force out the liquid which is in system together with air. After the pedal will reach extreme forward situation and the effluence of liquid will stop, put the clamp of fastening of the pipeline. Repeat these operations, the air outlet from the main brake cylinder will not stop yet.