13.13.1. Removal

Details of a nave of a back suspension bracket
1 – nave;
2 – nave bolt;
3 – bearing;
4 – nut;
5 – nave of a back suspension bracket assembled;
6 – sealing ring of round section;
7 – support;
8 – brake disk;
9 – brake drum

1. Lift a back part of the car and record on supports. Remove a wheel.
2. On models with back disk brakes remove a brake support. Remove the brake drum or a brake disk from a nave.
3. Unscrew 4 bolts of fastening of an axis of a nave to the nave fastener. At the same time turn a nave flange so that openings in a flange were established opposite to fastening bolts.
4. Remove a nave of a back suspension bracket.
5. Remove a sealing ring of round section from the nave axis basis.
6. Unscrew a nut of fastening of a nave, take a nave from the bearing and, if necessary, replace bearings. Install a nave in bearings and tighten a fastening nut the required moment.