14.4.2. Repair of dents in a body design

At deep cave-in of elements of a design of a body first of all try to curve a dent back before the maximum approach to a normal form of a body. Body metal in the place of blow is exposed to a pulling therefore the complete recovery of an initial form is impossible. Alignment of a dent about 3 mm lower than the level of a surrounding surface is considered optimum. If there is an access to dent inside, it is necessary to vystuchat accurately it the soft hammer with a wooden or plastic head. During this operation it is necessary to press to outer side of the tapped area the corresponding wooden whetstone densely. It is required for depreciation of blows of the hammer and for prevention of a flexure of more extensive area. If the dent is in that area of a body where access from a reverse side is complicated or impossible, then in the deepest points of a dent drill several small openings, in openings screw up the self-cutting screws and extend a dent by means of flat-nose pliers for the acting heads of screws.

Remove paint from the damaged area and at distance of 20 mm around it. Most easily it can be executed, using the wire brush or an emery paper got on the circle fixed in the electric drill. After alignment of a dent apply on it a layer of hard putty, paint and polish.