14.8. Back door

1. Open a back door and support it in this situation.
2. Disconnect electric sockets from a back door. Using a marker, note the provision of bolts of fastening of hinges of a back door.
3. Supporting a back door, remove racks of support of a door.
4. Unscrew bolts of fastening of hinges of a back door and remove a back door.
5. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal. After installation of a back door check that in a closed position the gap between a back door and elements of a body of the car is identical everywhere. If necessary adjust those the provision of a back door for what weaken bolts of fastening of hinges and, moving a door within the extended installation openings, find required position.

6. Check that the lock of a back door is precisely combined with a shock plate of the lock. If it is necessary, weaken bolts and adjust the provision of a shock plate.