15:14. Replacement of bulbs of headlights


Before replacement of a bulb of external lighting check the corresponding electric chain and a safety lock. Do not concern a glass flask of a lamp barehanded. The fingerprint evaporates and besieged on a reflector therefore lighting worsens. Surely replace the failed lamps with lamps of the same type. Wipe the spots arising on imprudence from touches with a pure lint-free rag or alcohol.

1. Open a cowl.
2. Remove a weight wire from the accumulator.
3. Release a clamp and disconnect the electric socket from the holder of a bulb.
4. Turn the holder of a bulb of a headlight counterclockwise and take him from the headlight case.
5. Establish the holder of a bulb with a new bulb in a headlight and turn him clockwise before accurate fixing.
6. Connect the electric socket to the holder of a bulb of a headlight.