15.18.2. Engine of a screen wiper of back glass

Screen wiper of back glass
1 – handle;
2 – internal holder of the handle;
3 – internal finishing of a door;
4 – lattices of loudspeakers;
5 – washer nozzles;
6 – top finishing of a back door;
7 – draft of a screen wiper;
8 – washer;
9 – cap;
10 – screen wiper brushes with levers;
11 – screen wiper engine

1. Remove the screen wiper lever from the engine.
2. Open a back door and remove finishing of a back door.
3. Using the screw-driver, separate draft of screen wipers from the hinge of the shaking lever.
4. Disconnect the electric socket, unscrew fastening bolts, lower the engine of a screen wiper and take it through an opening in a back door.
5. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.