16:12. Ignition lock


Take out a key from the ignition lock only after a full stop of the car! Otherwise steering blocking can join on the run.

START — start of the engine a starter. After an otpuskaniye the key automatically comes back to the provision of "ON".

ON — ignition and all consumers of current are included. It is the normal mode at the movement of the car.

ACC — consumers of current, such as radio, are connected, however the engine is switched off.

LOCK — ignition and consumers of current are switched off. The key can be taken only in this situation.

For installation of a key in the ignition lock from position of ACC in position of LOCK it is necessary to press a key and in this provision of a key to turn it.

For blocking of steering turn a steering wheel at the taken-out ignition key before the heard click of fixing of a lock finger of steering.

Before each new attempt to start the engine it is necessary to return the ignition key in the provision of "LOCK". The device of blocking of repeated inclusion of a starter placed in the ignition lock prevents inclusion of a starter at the rotating bent shaft of the engine and by that protects a starter from breakage.