16.13.1. Normal mode of the movement (a)


When moving the lever of the selector to situation "D" do not press an accelerator pedal.


1. Install the selector lever in situation "P" or "N" and start the engine. In provisions of the R, 2, L or D selector the engine is not started.

2. Install the switch of the mode of operation in the provision of "NORM".
For normal trips the mode of operation of "NORM" at which there is a fuel economy is recommended. The PWR mode is recommended to be included at dynamic driving, at the same time gear shifting happens on higher turns of the engine.

3. For shutdown of the animator (increasing transfers) press the switch of the animator.
4. Press a pedal of a brake and move the selector lever to situation "D".
5. Release a pedal of a brake and slowly press an accelerator pedal.
By full pressing and deduction in this provision of a pedal of an accelerator there is a compulsory switching to the lowest transfer.