2.13.1. Removal

Details of the oil pump
1 – pulley;
2 – cover of the oil pump;
3 – internal rotor;
4 – sealing laying of round section;
5 – external rotor;
6 – case of the oil pump;
7 – laying;
8 – piston of the safety valve;
9 – spring;
10 – clamp;
11 – persistent ring

1. Remove the oil pallet.
2. Unscrew nuts and remove an oil receiver pipe.
3. Support the engine by a jack and remove the lower single pulley, a pulley of an auxiliary belt of a bent shaft, a gear belt and a pulley of a bent shaft.
4. Unscrew 12 bolts and remove the oil pump from the engine. 5. Unscrew two remained bolts and uncover the oil pump.
6. Fix in a vice with soft sponges a pulley of the oil pump and unscrew a nut of fastening of a pulley. Take an internal rotor of the oil pump.
7. Clear the interfaced surfaces of the oil pump and the block of cylinders of traces of old laying.
8. Remove a lock ring of the safety valve and take a clamp, a spring and the piston.