2.7.2. Survey


Do not overwind and do not bend a gear belt. Exclude hit on a gear belt of oil, cooling liquid or fuel.

If there was a rupture of a gear belt on the working engine, it is possible that there was an impact of pistons about the valve therefore the valve can be bent. Check gaps of valves. On the bent valves valvate gaps will be much more demanded.

1. Remove single pulleys and check a condition of their podshipna of k. Check a condition of a spring and check spring dyne in a free state. 2. If there was a vykrashivaniye of teeths of a gear belt, the ignition distributor, the water pump, the oil pump or the camshaft are perhaps jammed.
3. If there is a considerable wear or stratification on an external surface of a gear belt, check a condition of a racetrack of single pulleys.
4. If there is a wear or damage only on one party of a belt, check a guide of a gear belt and alignment of pulleys of a gear belt.
5. With any defects on a gear belt it needs to be replaced. Periodic replacement of a gear belt has to be made through 100 000 km of a run of the car.