3.8. Gear belt and pulleys



In the presence in the code radio receiver against theft, before a detachment of the accumulator check that you have connection codes.

On models since 1993 the system of the airbag of safety is disconnected if the accumulator is disconnected for long term. If a control lamp of a safety cushion it lights up and necessary to burn after repeated connection of the accumulator, it is necessary to address in a specialized workshop for maintenance of system.

Gas distribution mechanism drive elements
1 – pulley of a bent shaft of a driving belt;
2 – right engine mount;
3 – top casing of a gear belt;
4 – laying;
5 – gear belt;
6 – single pulley No. 2;
7 – pulley of the right camshaft;
8 – pulley of the left camshaft;
9 – pulley of a bent shaft;
10 – guide of a gear belt;
11 – single pulley No. 1;
12 – mechanism of a tension of a gear belt;
13 – dustproof cover;
14 – lower casing of a gear belt


1. Remove a weight wire from the accumulator.

2. Remove cooling liquid from a broad tank and liquid from a windshield washer reservoir.

3. Remove the executive mechanism a cruise control and the vacuum pump.
4. Take off driving belts from the generator and the pump of the amplifier of steering.
5. Lift a forward part of the car and record on supports. Remove the right forward wheel.
6. Remove protection of an arch of the right forward wheel.
7. On the engine 3VZ-FE remove a tank of liquid of the amplifier of steering, without disconnecting from it hoses, and move it aside.
8. Support the engine by a jack and remove the right suspension bracket of the power unit with an arm.
9. Unscrew spark plugs.
10. Remove the top casing of a gear belt together with laying.
11. Install the piston of the first cylinder in VMT in a compression step.
12. Check existence of adjusting tags on a gear belt. If tags are erased, and the gear belt устанав will repeatedly livatsya, apply on it tags.
13. Check that adjusting tags of pulleys the distributor of ny shaft are combined with indexes. 14. Remove the mechanism of a tension of a gear belt.
15. Reduce a tension of a gear belt between pulleys of camshafts, turning a back pulley clockwise.

16. If the gear belt is repeatedly established, put a tag on outer side of a gear belt at the level of the upper edge of the lower casing of a gear belt.
17. Take off a gear belt from pulleys of camshafts.
18. If pulleys of camshafts are worn-out or damaged, replace them. For this purpose uncover a head of the block of cylinders, fix a wrench the camshaft from a provorachivaniye and unscrew a bolt of fastening of a pulley. Remove a pulley from the camshaft.
19. Remove the top single pulley.
20. Unscrew a bolt of fastening of a pulley of a bent shaft, at the same time the screw-driver for teeths of a gear wreath of a flywheel record a bent shaft from a provorachivaniye.
21. After unscrewing of a bolt of fastening of a pulley of a bent shaft check that the tag on a pulley is combined with figure 0 on the index.
22. Remove a pulley of a driving belt from a bent shaft.
23. Remove the lower casing of a gear belt with laying.
24. Take off a gear belt from a pulley of a bent shaft.
25. If the belt is repeatedly established, check combination of tags on a gear belt and a pulley of a bent shaft.
26. Remove the lower single pulley.
27. Remove a pulley of a bent shaft.