4.10. Removal of pistons with rods

1. Remove a head of the block of cylinders, the oil pallet and a pipe of an oil receiver.
2. On engines 5S-FE remove assembly of the balance weight.
3. If there is a deposit in the top part of the cylinder, remove it with a scraper from soft material or special adaptation. Existence of a step in the top part of the cylinder testifies to excessive wear of the cylinder and need of boring of the cylinder of the engine.
4. Turn the engine a bent shaft up.
5. Check a side gap of all lower heads of a rod. 6. Using the hammer and a center punch or paint, note the provision of a cover of the lower head of a rod and number of the cylinder.
7. Unscrew nuts of fastening of a cover of the lower head of a rod of the first cylinder. Remove the lower cover of a rod.
8. For protection of necks of a bent shaft and sleeves of cylinders against damage establish pieces of a rubber tube on hairpins of fastening of the lower head of a rod.
9. Using the hammer handle, push out the piston of the block of cylinders up and take it from the block of cylinders.
10. On the lower head of a rod establish a cover of a rod and screw nuts that will allow to keep them in a set and not to mix in places.