4.12. Block of cylinders of the engine


1. Remove all details and electric sensors from the block of cylinders. For full cleaning remove technological caps. For removal of a technological cap, using a punch, turn a technological cap in a nest and...
2.... using flat-nose pliers, take it from the block of cylinders. 3. Also for removal of technological caps it is possible to drill a small opening in a cap and in an opening to screw in the self-cutting screw. Having pulled for a screw head, take a technological cap. On the engine 1MZ-FE technological caps fasten to the block of cylinders nuts.
4. Remove all traces of laying from the interfaced surfaces of the block of cylinders of the engine.
5. Remove all caps of the oil highway. At installation use new caps.
6. The most polluted places clear the ferry.
7. Clear all lubricant openings and the oil highway. Wash out all internal channels a stream of warm water until water does not come out pure. It is necessary to drain completely the block of cylinders and to grease with a thin butter layer all interfaced surfaces for prevention of emergence of corrosion. Also grease engine cylinders. If there is a compressed air, use it to accelerate process of drying and to blow all lubricant openings and highways.
8. Carefully clear all carving openings, using a tap with the corresponding carving then blow openings compressed air.
9. Install traffic jams to the oil highway in the block of cylinders of the engine and reliably fix them.
10. If the engine is not subject to immediate assembly, close the block of cylinders a big plastic bag to protect it from pollution.