4.5.1. Removal

1. Take off pressure in fuel system.
2. Remove a weight wire from the accumulator.
3. Remove the accumulator and a support of the accumulator.
4. Remove a sheeting on wings and a cowl and remove a cowl.
5. Remove a casing of the air filter.
6. Lift the car and record on supports. Merge cooling liquid from the cooling system and engine oil. Take off driving belts.
7. Mark, then disconnect all vacuum lines, hoses, electric sockets, tires of grounding and fuel lines.
8. Remove a tank for liquid of a washer of a windshield and a broad tank.
9. Remove radiator fans, a casing and a radiator.

10. Disconnect hoses of supply of cooling liquid to a heater.

11. Take off residual pressure in the fuel tank for what remove a stopper of a bulk mouth, then disconnect топливоп rovoda from the engine and close them traffic jams.
12. Disconnect a cable of management of a butterfly valve and draft of control of the transmission.
13. Take a plait of wires from fastening brackets to a lobby and the left side of the engine and transmission.
14. On cars with the amplifier of steering unscrew bolts of fastening of the pump of the amplifier of steering and move it aside, without disconnecting hoses.
15. On models with the air conditioning system unscrew bolts of fastening of the compressor of the conditioner and move it aside, without disconnecting hoses, and using a soft wire, tie up it to a body.
16. Disconnect a reception exhaust pipe from a collector.
17. On the models with four-cylinder engines equipped with the oil heater installed between an oil filter and the block of cylinders remove an oil filter and disconnect hoses from the oil heater.
18. Hook on the engine slings of the load-lifting mechanism and raise the engine so that the top of the engine was perceived by the load-lifting mechanism.
19. Remove the right suspension bracket of the power unit. For removal of the right suspension bracket of the power unit remove the hinge (A), unscrew a coupling bolt (V) and remove a suspension bracket of the power unit (C).
20. Unscrew the bolt fixing a suspension bracket of the power unit (A) to a body from a radiator.
21. On models with the automatic transmission remove a protective plate of the hydrotransformer from a forward part of the transmission. Disconnect the hydrotransformer from a plate of the drive and move it to a transmission case.
22. Unscrew bolts of fastening of the transmission to the engine and separate the engine from the transmission, at the same time the hydrotransformer has to remain in a transmission case. If the engine is removed together with the transmission, do not unscrew bolts of fastening of the transmission to the engine, and disconnect power shafts, wires, hoses, a cable of gear shifting and a cable of a speedometer from the transmission.
23. Check that nothing, except engine support connects the engine and the transmission to a car body any more.
24. Support the transmission by a jack through wooden whetstone. Unscrew bolts of fastening of support of the power unit.
25. Slowly lift the power unit from a motor compartment. 26. Move the engine from the car aside and lower on wooden supports on a floor or remove a flywheel/plate of the drive and install the engine on a special bed.