96acc5c1 Head of the block of cylinders

1. Carefully examine a head of the block of cylinders on existence of cracks and other damages. In the presence of cracks the head is subject to replacement.
2. Using a metal ruler and the probe, check planeness of the interfaced surface of a head of the block of cylinders. If not planeness exceeds admissible limits, it is necessary to pereshlifovat a head, at the same time its height has to correspond to the required values.
3. Check a condition of saddles of valves. If they are burned, worn-out or have defects, they need to be replaced. If wear of a saddle of the valve is insignificant, they need to be ground in. Check the directing plugs of valves for wear, inserting into them a core of the valve and moving it aside. Movement has to be insignificant. If movement is excessive, take the valve and measure diameter of a core of the valve. If necessary replace the valve. If the core of the valve is not worn-out, so the directing plug which needs to be replaced is worn-out. Replacement of the directing plugs of valves should be made at service station.
4. If saddles of valves have to be pereshlifovana, this operation needs to be executed after installation of new guides of valves.