6.6.1. Check

1. Fill in a full tank of fuel.
2. Remove back sitting and a protective cover of the fuel tank.
3. Disconnect the electric socket from the fuel tank.
4. Using an ohmmeter, check resistance between contact ми 1 and 2 electric sockets.
At a full tank resistance between contacts 1 and 2 has to make 2–3 Ohms.
5. Connect into place the electric socket and spend fuel almost to an empty tank.
6. Measure resistance between contacts of 1 and 2 electric sockets which has to make 110–115 Ohms on the empty fuel tank.
7. If resistance of the fuel level sensor does not correspond to the required values, replace the sensor. Resistance of the sensor can also be measured, having removed the sensor from the fuel tank and moving it with a hand.