7.12. Check and replacement of components of the generator

Generator details


1 – pulley;
2 – forward cover;
3 – bearing;
4 – bearing clamp;
5 – bearing;
6 – bearing cover;
7 – lock ring;
8 – rotor;
9 – rubber insulator;
10 – insulator;
11 – back cover;
12 – the isolating plate;
13 – holder;
14 – tension regulator;
15 – brush holder;
16 – brush holder cover;
17 – back casing;
18 – plugs;
19 – back casing

1. Remove the generator from the engine.
2. Unscrew three nuts of fastening of a back casing of the generator and a nut of contact In and remove a back casing from the generator.
3. Unscrew 5 screws of fastening of the regulator of tension and the brush holder.
4. Remove tension regulator with the brush holder from a back part of the generator.
5. Using a ruler, check the size of a vystupaniye of brushes from the brush holder.
6. Check that brushes smoothly and without jamming move in the brush holder.
7. Unscrew screws and remove the block of diodes from the generator.
8. Apply combination tags on a forward and back cover of the generator.
9. Unscrew a nut of fastening and remove a pulley from a rotor shaft.
10. Unscrew four nuts fixing a forward and back cover. Remove a back cover from the generator.
11. Remove a lock washer and remove a rotor from a forward cover.
12. Using an ohmmeter, check resistance between contact by ny rings of the generator which has to make from 2 to 4 Ohms. Check resistance between contact rings of the generator and a rotor of the generator. At the same time resistance has to be equal to infinity.
13. Using an ohmmeter, check resistance of windings of the stator.

14. Check serviceability of diodes for what connect ohmmeter probes to the diode, determine resistance, then trade probes places and repeatedly determine diode resistance. In one case resistance has to be low, and is equal in other case to infinity.

15. Assembly of the generator is made in the sequence, the return dismantling.
16. At installation of the brush holder, using the small screw-driver, press brushes into the brush holder case.